Creating a financial plan helps you see the big picture of your life and set long, medium, and short-term life goals, a crucial step in mapping out your financial future.

With the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.

We’ll help you feel confident about your financial future – at any stage in your life and help you create your strategy to achieve life goals and connect with your money.

With the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.

We can help you build your money confidence – a significant step in the right direction can have impactful results and provide invaluable peace of mind leads to HappyMoney Zone.

With the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.

We are very

Happy to give the best service.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

At SmartMantra Financial Services, we develop insights into the many interlocking components of your financial situation.


Modular Planning

We offer modular financial planning services, meaning that the scope of our work together can be as comprehensive or narrow as you would like.


Special Goal Planning

Goal setting is a robust process for thinking about your ideal future and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.


Review of Financial Plans

Changing your financial plan too often will be as bad as not having a financial plan.


Implementation Services

Once we have developed your comprehensive financial plan, we will continue collaborating and working with you to implement the plan.

about us

Our vision, mission and goal is for your wellbeing

Our Vision

“To be the leader in the financial planning of the highest standard.”

Our Mission

“To help our clients achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind.”

Our Goal

“To make financial freedom a reality
for our clients.”

about us

There are many companies but why choose us?

With each change in your life, you face new opportunities and obstacles; we are always ready to serve you world-class financial advice and guidance and help you to achieve your financial goals and be in a happy money zone.


The value of integrity is core to SmartMantra Financial Services. We work with integrity – trust, transparency, and honesty in everything we do.


We practice what we preach. We are responsible because your TRUST is really important to us.

Client First

Our Team is dedicated to doing what is always in your best interest. In fact, it is our commitment to creed.


When we execute with excellence, success naturally follows. We provide world-class service and innovative solutions.

OUR Best

Financial advice for your financial success

Client-Centered Approach

One of the ways we provide value to our clients is through Six-Steps Process.

Experience and Knowledge

One of the ways we provide value to our clients is through Six-Steps Process.

It’s All About You

One of the ways we provide value to our clients is through Six-Steps Process.

Take some easy steps for processing

⦿ Initial Discussion

We give you more clarity on how exactly we can help you and understand you and your financial goals better.

⦿ Plan Formulation

We assimilate the information provided by you through a data collection docket to create a personalised financial plan.

⦿ Plan Presentation

We give you a detailed explanation of your plan and answer any queries or doubts you may have.


Some from our clients

After my MBA, I thought I needed a professional and experienced financial advisor to play my 2In Command for my financial planning while focusing on my career. In 2012, I discussed with Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM®. His advice has been objective, unbiased, and, most of all, personalized to my requirement. Forget all myths; let SmartMantra Financial Services guide you to “real” wealth.

Sachet Parida

Vice President, Yes Bank, Mumbai

My association with SmartMantra Financial Services is more than seven years old, and I am delighted with their services. They go about financial planning in a very organized and meticulous manner. Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM®, has domain expertise, passion, and unparalleled commitment to his job. I have recommended SmartMantra Financial Service to all my friends and family members and would do the same for you as well !!!!

Reema Tripathy

Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai

My relationship with SmartMantra Financial Services has been since its inception. SmartMantra Financial Services’ “Comprehensive Financial Plan” (60-70 pages written financial plan) keeps us focused on regular savings. Their wisdom to think long-term goes hand-in-hand with their adaptability toward market trends. They put the client’s interest first. I thank them for everything they have done and continue to do for me & my family. It’s so comprehensive and customized guidance; a Trusted Financial Advisor!

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Mohanty

Dean, Centurion University of Technology & Management (CUTM), Odisha

I have known Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® since 2007 as my Financial Planner. I have been immensely benefited from his sound & timely advice. He does not necessarily promote a product…..he offers a SOLUTION. He is an honest, educated, and intelligent finance professional. I wish him all the best and strongly recommend him as a reliable Financial Planner.

Jayanta Sinha

Vice President, Finolex Pipes Ltd., Kolkota

Around nine years ago, when I think about my future plan. I learned about SmartMantra Financial Services’ “Comprehensive Financial Planning” (60-70 pages written financial plan) concept through the Internet. When I reviewed my financial plan, I earned a reasonable return within nine years of continuous investment in SIP mode. Finally, thanks to Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM®, for guiding me on the right path to achieve my goals.

Abhijit Das

Manager, Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda

From the position of getting almost broke in 2009, I can now sleep peacefully with all aspects of my financial health taken care of by a dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM – assist me in preparing my Financial Planning with a defined SMART Goals, SIP for MF products–It has covered all aspects of my life!! My advice to all – Better late than never– Start your ‘Comprehensive Financial Plan’ today!! A Holistic, Personalized Service!

Amartya Sarkar

Zonal Vice President, Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
My Professional career started in 2008, but my financial stability came in 2010; when I met Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® for the first time, I would become probably the first youngest client to get associated with him at the age of 25 only. He made me realize the importance of timely and proper financial planning in successfully overtaking these family financial hurdles. SmartMantra Financial Services! A Trusted Financial Advisor!

Sudipta Gupta

Marketing Manager, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Kolkata

SmartMantra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is a very good advisor for financial planning. I plan for “Comprehensive Financial Planning” (60-70 pages written financial plan). It benefitted me a lot in my investment plans, may it be insurance, health, PPF or any other future fund management and returns. I think that no matter how good you are at investing, you’ll benefit from an expert’s advice. Get A Financially Empowering Experience With Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM®

 Sakti Mohanty

Asst. Professor, Physics, GITA, Bhubaneswar

Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® was very helpful. He gave me an insight into the structural plan needed for the proper planning and management of available resources. He is very logical in his advice and the broad spectrum he plans will be helpful not only to the person concerned but their next kin will also reap the benefits of his plan. Recommend him as an adviser for the mass.

Mousumi Patnaik

Teacher, DAV Public School, Bhubaneswar

Even I have a do it about myself idea about handling my money but working with a financial advisor like SmartMantra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is much more comfortable for me. Earlier I was totally blank about the financial planning but after meeting with SmartFin Wealth management has got the answers to many complex questions. Basically I can say I have got the right advisor for my specific need.

Prabhat Kumar Nayak

Zonal Sales Manager, Fareast Mercantile Co. Ltd., Nigeria

Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® is very knowledgeable and never hesitates to take the extra time to speak to you. He is truly passionate about his work. He makes decisions based on your own unique needs and preferences. The personal and attentive attention he provides to his clients is unmatched. SmartMantra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. company has a very good financial planning model and process for its clients.

Biswajit Tripathy

Finishing Inspector, Sulb Company B.S.C. Closed, Bahrain

Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® has provided me with the right quality of input to make financial decision making better. His involvement is very reassuring and I do look forward to a long term relationship. In the world full of advice, I have found my Truly Trusted Adviser.”

Jajati Mohanty

Chief Executive Officer, Schiebel System India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

I came to know about Financial Planning from my colleague, then I contact Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® and during the discussion, I realized that I have done only saving and spent nothing for investment also the loopholes in my planning for future. The best possible options have been put in front of me to select. I am happy and completely satisfied with the services provided by him.

Akhilesh Yagik

Manager, Vedanta Ltd.

Very wisely, Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFP CM, CWM ® has changed my entire portfolio. I can now hope that with the help of Mr. Rupakumar, I will surely get better benefits, and I am sure that my future is now more secure with SmartMantra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.  I am really happy that I made the right choice by selecting Mr. Rupakumar as my financial planner. Acting in your best interest! Financial Dreams Delivered!

Abinash Pradhan

Founder, ProDigitalMind, Bhubaneswar

I have been with Mr. Rupakumar Pradhan, CFPCM, CWM® since 2014 and my financials planning are so well structured after taking SmartMantra Financial Services’s process-driven “Comprehensive Financial Plan” (60-70 pages written financial plan). He really helped me to plan for my future based on my current surplus and recommending the right funds to invest. Thanks, Rupakumar for doing almost everything for my financial planning with his HONEST advises.

Deepak Kumar Jena

Founder, DigonByte, Bhubaneswar

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