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Why do I and my family need to engage in financial planning?

Financial Planning is a six-step process where we assess various factors to create a comprehensive plan.

  • Where are you now?
  • What do you need in the future?
  • What steps do you need to take to achieve your goals?

Financial Planning is a process that provides a systematic approach to achieving future financial goals and objectives. It serves as a guide, enabling individuals to navigate the complex world of finance and adequately allocate resources to reach their desired destination within a prescribed timeframe. By employing a comprehensive approach to financial planning, individuals can create a clear roadmap to enable them to realize their financial aspirations.

What is the CFP Certificate in India?

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM  credential is the most desired and respected global certification for those seeking to demonstrate their commitment to competent and ethical financial planning practice. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals meet initial and ongoing education, experience and professional development requirements, pass a rigorous exam that assesses competency, and adhere to a code of ethics, pledging to provide financial planning in the interests of clients and with the highest ethical and professional standards.

The CFPCM certification program in India is now directly administered by the U.S.-based Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB Ltd.), owner of the international CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification program outside the United States.

FPSB Ltd. partners with its global network of Affiliate organizations to administer CFPCM certification programs in 27 countries and territories around the world, representing an international CFP professional community of over 213,002 at the end of 2022 (with over 2517 CFP professionals in India)

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM or CFPCM is an internationally recognized qualification in Financial Planning offered to finance professionals. CFPCM Certification is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of 4 Es- Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics.

Who is a Chartered Wealth Manager in India?

The Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM® ) designation offered by AAFM® USA sets the global standard in the finance profession, especially Wealth Management and Private Banking and is a symbol of excellence.

Awarded by the American Academy of Financial Management® USA (AAFM), the CWM® credential signifies that they have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to execute critical functions related to Onshore and Offshore Wealth effectively.

Management including Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer.

CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER® (CWM® ) is a Wealth Management Certification that comprehensively deals with all aspects of wealth management like Investment Strategies, Life Cycle Management, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Relationship Management, Behavioural Finance, Alternative Products, Real Estate Valuation and Global Taxation.

Who can become a SmartMantra Financial Services Client?

Any individual:

  • Some of our clients, including young individuals, invest their savings in birthday presents and do not necessarily have to be earning.
  • Our focus is on individuals, not just high-net-worth clients, ranging from new professionals to retirees, so significant earnings are unnecessary.
Who can benefit most from your services?

Our services can help anyone achieve financial peace and align their actions and resources with personal goals.

We provide financial planning and advice to clients from all income levels.

  • Retirement: When will I be financially independent? How much will I need, and how do I get there?
  • Taxes: How can I reduce my taxes?
  • Higher Education Funding: What is the best way to save for my child’s higher education funding? How much should I save?
  • Daughter’s Marriage Funding: How can I plan and manage the funding for my daughter’s wedding smoothly?
  • Budget: How can I reduce debt or save more?
  • Insurance: Do I need life, disability or long-term care insurance? If so, how much and for how long?
  • Investments: What are the best investments for me?
  • Estate Planning: How can I ensure my estate is handled according to my wishes?
  • Particular Goals: What is the best way to financially plan for and finance that new home, memorable trip, gift or other goal?
  • Financial Check-Ups: Could you please provide me with an update on the progress of my plan? Is it on track, or do I need to make any adjustments? 
Can you guide me on how to create a solid financial plan?

We will begin by focusing on your short- or long-term goals, objectives, priorities, and values.

Our clients have achieved several common goals with our help. Some of these include: 

  • Saving money on current or future income taxes;
  • Buying a first home;
  • Providing children or grandchildren with a high-quality education;
  • Reaching full retirement by a certain age;
  • Enjoying worry-free financial independence;
  • Leaving a legacy for loved ones or a cause important to you.

Whether you are just starting, are on the road to achieving your goals, or need a new strategy, you can benefit from the professional advice provided by our financial planners.

Our CFPCM and CWM® will conduct a comprehensive review of your current financial situation to determine the most effective strategies for achieving your financial goals. We will analyze your cash flow, investments, taxes, pensions and retirement plans, estate planning, insurance coverage, savings opportunities and other financial matters. Based on our findings, we will design a customized financial plan that is tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Finally, we can help you implement and monitor your plan to achieve the intended results.

How can someone become a client of SmartMantra Financial Services?

Simple, send an email to info@smartmantra.in or Call 99370 16539 /89172 22108 or Whatsapp-9937016539 or send a message through the contact form, and we will send you a checklist with a schedule of our services and charges, and we can get started.

We are happy to answer any questions about SmartMantra Financial Services, including our services, vision and philosophy and how they can serve your needs.

What does SmartMantra Financial Services provide the services?

SmartMantra Financial Services empowers individuals to take control of their financial future by offering expert guidance to define their objectives, create a customized financial plan, and skillfully manage their investments at every step.

What does SmartMantra Financial Services provide the services?

SmartMantra Financial Services empowers individuals to take control of their financial future by offering expert guidance to define their objectives, create a customized financial plan, and skillfully manage their investments at every step.

How often will I receive statements regarding my investments?

You can view your investment portfolio on our mobile app or website. Insurance (Unit Linked), mutual funds, and equity portfolios are available upon request or sent half-yearly.

How often will I receive statements regarding my investments?

You can view your investment portfolio on our mobile app or website. Insurance (Unit Linked), mutual funds, and equity portfolios are available upon request or sent half-yearly.

What is the financial planning process?

Financial planning is a continuous process that involves multiple steps to achieve two critical outcomes:

  1. An in-depth review of your current financial situation by a CFPCM, CWM®
  2. A blueprint that shows you how to achieve your goals and objectives for the future.

Our six-step process is entirely centred around our clients, ultimately focusing on their financial goals. The aim of developing a financial plan and going through its process is to align your financial resources and actions with your goals.

How much work is involved in a financial plan?

First, you must provide our financial planning team with some financial data and information about yourself, such as your goals, aspirations, or challenges. Our CFPCM, CWM® advisor will then use this information to develop a customized financial plan for you, which will be presented to you at various checkpoints. As a client-focused business, we strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Apart from offering expert advice on your most pressing financial concerns, we will provide implementation support and monitoring if necessary.

Why do I need to complete a questionnaire?

SmartMantra Financial Services requires all new and prospective clients to complete a Fact-Finder Questionnaire as a crucial first step in the financial planning process. This questionnaire provides our financial advisor with a snapshot of your financial picture, including your goals and risk tolerance. Please rest assured that all responses are kept 100% confidential.

Your responses help our financial advisor prepare for the Initial Meeting. During this meeting, we will review your goals and current financial situation to determine whether our services can provide you with a plan to meet your objectives and the cost of these services. You will also have the opportunity to ask any additional questions.

Please share some insights about your investment philosophy.

SmartMantra Financial Services, a financial planner and investment consultant, follows these fundamental principles when designing investment portfolios and making recommendations:

  • Purpose: The primary purpose of an investment portfolio is to accomplish financial goals, present or future.
  • Design: The portfolio design should consider the client’s financial objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, income and liquidity needs, and tax implications.
  • Future: No one can accurately predict the future. It is the subjectivity of opinions that creates a market. Even with the same information, investment and economic experts may arrive at different conclusions. We do not claim that we or any of the money or mutual fund managers we endorse will always make the right decisions. However, analyzing the historical trends and relationships of investment categories and the philosophies and methods of successful fund managers can provide valuable insights.
  • Allocation: The most crucial component when developing an investment portfolio is allocating investment assets appropriately based on your goals and risk tolerance. We believe that you are more likely to achieve your long-term financial objectives by adopting long-term buy-and-hold strategies, maintaining a diversified and well-balanced portfolio, and exhibiting patience.
Will our relationship end once my financial plan is completed? I would like to know.

The decision is entirely yours. SmartMantra Financial Services is here to assist you in implementing your financial plan or provide services as and when required, as per your preference. As financial planning is a continuous process and not a one-time event, we offer follow-up services such as periodic or annual reviews and on-demand consultations to cater to your needs.


How does SmartMantra Financial Services choose which schemes and funds to include in a portfolio?

When selecting schemes for a portfolio, SmartMantra Financial Services considers various factors.

  • Your personal goals – If your investment goals require a more aggressive portfolio, then the investment schemes we choose will align with this objective.
  • Your personal preferences – When it comes to investing, there may be certain companies that you prefer to avoid. For example, you may not want to invest in tobacco companies. Alternatively, there might be a conflict of interest if you work for a company in direct competition with another company. In such cases, we will steer clear of funds that invest in these companies to avoid potential conflicts of interest.
  • Your risk appetite – Your willingness to invest in more volatile or aggressive schemes is assessed through a risk profiling process that we complete for all clients.
  • Diversification – The portfolio needs to have a good level of diversification, with minimal exposure to any specific sector or market capitalization, unless it performs well at a given time. Monitoring and reducing such exposure is necessary when it no longer performs well.
  • Scheme Attributes – The scheme aims to invest in specific sectors and companies with a track record of success over market fluctuations. 
  • Fund Manager – Considering his previous achievements, opinions, and beliefs is essential.
  • Fund House – We will assess the fund house’s philosophy, credibility, and track record to determine its performance.
Why hire SmartMantra Financial Services over buying mutual funds and stocks independently?

Investing in specific stocks or mutual funds is a tiny part of our offer. As wealth managers, we pride ourselves on providing services that help our clients achieve their financial goals. Our clients trust us to offer a coordinated matrix of services that includes personal financial planning, advisory services, and investment portfolio monitoring. By partnering with us, our clients can benefit from a wide range of services that comprehensively support their financial goals.

  • Expert Advise- Our team offers personalized financial advice and strategies to help clients reach their goals, such as gaining financial independence, expanding their lifestyle, and transferring wealth to family or charity.
  • Financial Roadmap –You will receive a personalized financial plan that covers cash management, debt reduction, investment strategies, insurance coverage, employment benefits, and wealth transfer opportunities.
  • Ongoing Advice – As your financial assistant, we strive to bring clarity and insight into your financial planning. We believe that by identifying planning opportunities that you may not have considered before, we can help you achieve your financial goals. Our extensive knowledge in cash and debt management, insurance planning, estate planning, income tax planning, employee benefits, stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, investment strategies, private placements, mutual funds, and separate account management provides us with the tools to help you navigate the complex world of finance. We are here to listen and support you in your financial journey. Please reach out to us for any financial queries you may have.
  • Ensuring that investment plans are properly coordinated- Throughout retirement, it is vital to coordinate investment plans with financial planning objectives to ensure a smooth and successful financial journey.
  • Strategic investment plan- Determining a strategic investment plan based on client goals and opportunities.
  • Ongoing monitoring- We conduct continuous monitoring of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and their managers.
  • Any Market Changes – Our ongoing research occasionally uncovers new opportunities, leading to well-considered changes in stocks or mutual funds.
  • Taxation Impact- It is crucial to consider the income, gift, and estate tax consequences of any actions related to a portfolio.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing- This refers to the process of adjusting the holdings of a portfolio to maintain the desired proportion of each asset class, as determined by the investor’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Capital Gains- Efficient coordination with tax preparers to estimate taxes for capital gains, losses, and taxable income.