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Special Goal Planning

Goal setting is a robust process for thinking about your ideal future and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

Each of us has different goals in life, such as buying our own home, going on a world tour, financing children’s education, etc. However, wishful thinking will not get you what you want; you need to stand up and take control of your finances.

Step One


Figuring out your objectives and matching them with timelines are the keys to financial goal setting. Your financial goals are specific and unique to several factors related to you, like your age, your interests, your current financial situation, and your aspirations.

Step Two


You’ll need to develop your goals and set up a plan based on these.

⦿ Children’s Education & Marriage Planning

⦿ Buying a Dream Home / Villa

⦿ Debt Management

⦿ Changes in Employment/Location

⦿ Starting New Business

⦿ Going to / Returning from Job Abroad

Step Three

Implement & Review

Financial planning is an ongoing process. Yes, it ensures your financial plan meets your needs. Your financial advisor will conduct periodic reviews, take a look at your current financial progress and recommend any necessary adjustments.

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