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Your goals are at the centre of the conversation.

Embarking on a journey towards your financial goals starts with a meeting with a financial advisor from SmartMantra Financial Services. During this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with an advisor who will listen to your dreams and aspirations. Remember, there’s no pressure to commit, and the initial meeting will be a relaxed and informal conversation.

Your meeting will involve a review of your current financial situation and identifying potential opportunities, gaps, and strategies.

We prioritize building lasting client relationships providing education and guidance to help you feel confident and in control of your finances.

Begin your journey toward financial confidence with an introductory conversation.

What to expect

  • ⦿ Need help clarifying your financial goals and priorities? Our team of experts can provide guidance to help you achieve them.
  • ⦿ Expert advice is tailored to meet your investment goals when seeking financial planning services.
  • ⦿ We provide precise details about our customized solutions, comprising potential risks, advantages, and costs.

What to bring

  • ⦿ To assess your financial situation accurately, you must answer some questions.
  • ⦿ Any account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial life that you feel deserve immediate attention
  • ⦿ A list of future dreams and financial goals you would like to achieve, including both short- and long-term goals
  • ⦿ List of documents as per the mail sent to you.

Our Process

Collaboration begins from the first day and demands the commitment of both parties.

For your part, that means sharing a lot of data and answering several essential questions.

One size doesn’t fit all, so the better we understand your situation, the better your plan will help you achieve your goals.


We’ll ask many questions at our initial consultation to better understand your goals and current circumstances.

After our initial consultation, you’ll receive our proposal outlining the scope of work we have discussed. Once you decide to move forward, we’ll get to work!

We need thorough information on your current situation to develop a plan designed for your goals. We use the latest technology and tools to make the most of your time and gather complete and accurate information.

We will schedule a Base Facts call to verify that we have accurate and complete information before starting the planning work.

This piece of information serves as the fundamental basis for constructing your plan.


First, we collaborate with you to establish your financial goals. Then, we create a personalized financial plan to help you achieve them.

Based on our conversations and your details, we will suggest steps to align your current financial status with your goals.

We will present our observations and suggestions at your plan delivery meeting and examine any additional plan scenarios. These scenarios can help you explore different goals, timelines, and priorities, such as the possibility of an early retirement or the idea of a future second home or business venture.

We share a lot of detailed data, but we also share a client-friendly summary document to help keep the main points close at hand.


During the plan delivery meeting, we’ll cover the following steps to bring your plan to life.

These action steps may include one, many, or all of the following:

  • ⦿ Investment management (including sustainable/socially responsible investing)
  • ⦿ Retirement planning
  • ⦿ Cash flow management
  • ⦿ Developing personal financial statements
  • ⦿ Education funding strategies
  • ⦿ Insurance planning
  • ⦿ Income tax planning
  • ⦿ Estate planning
  • ⦿ Charitable giving strategies

As an ongoing asset management or retainer client, we’ll list priorities and work with you to help you achieve your goals.


Life happens! As your family dynamics, career, goals, or other circumstances change, we can update your plan to be sure it still meets your objectives. Your financial plan should adjust for these ongoing changes.

This becomes part of your regular review meeting agenda as an asset management or retainer client.

What Makes Our Process Different

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” ~Isaac Newton


At SmartMantra Financial Services, we believe that every individual’s worth is immeasurable and should never be defined by their net worth. We are committed to treating all our clients equally and providing them with exceptional service that reflects their true value.


As fiduciaries, we are dedicated to complete transparency. Our clients can trust us to provide them with honest and reliable information, always.


We firmly believe that your investments should be effortless, allowing you to live an extraordinary life. Let us guide you through the process in clear Odiya, Hindi, and English.


Our mission is to illuminate every aspect of your financial life, empowering you to trust in our advice with confidence.

360º Financial Planning

By taking a holistic approach to financial planning, we can unlock a world of possibilities beyond just investments.