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Comprehensive Financial Planning

At SmartMantra Financial Services, we develop insights into the many interlocking components of your financial situation. As importantly, we offer comprehensive financial planning services that encompass all elements — from cash flow to retirement plans, investments, legacy planning, and others. At our premium service level, we create a comprehensive financial plan at the outset of our engagement, a detailed document (60-70 pages written report) based on our thorough review of your financial picture. This document functions like a roadmap for all of your financial decisions. So, you need to ask yourself, “Is my financial advisor truly comprehensive?” It sounds easy enough, but very few consumers know the questions to ask to make this determination. That is why SmartMantra Financial Services bases our services on the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM‘s definition of the financial planning process and The Six-Steps Process.

Step One

Step One


The Comprehensive Financial Planning services analyses your financial health thoroughly and plans your investment goals through a road map for the future. It secures all financial needs like children’s education, children’s marriage, retirement, and re-structures loans and tax optimization. The steps taken are detailed below : –

Financial prescription – Thorough analysis of your financial profile and risk appetite is done to chalk out shortterm, medium-term, and long-term goals

Seven facets of financial planning applied according to your portfolio. It includes investment planning and wealth creation, insurance recommendation, liability management, retirement planning, expenses analysis, contingency planning, and tax advisory.

A thorough analysis of current cash flows and future projections is made based on the strategy recommended in the plan.

Goal-driven investing helps you set long-term milestones, including retirement, earmarking your current portfolio to each milestone according to priority. It develops a comprehensive investment strategy to achieve the milestones.

Risk Management & Insurance Planning analyzes the current life and non-life situation and recommends specific products if there is a need to increase coverage.

Step Two


Based on the analysis and evaluation of the customer data and needs, the financial planner develops alternatives and recommendations to meet goals and objectives and presents them to the client. Client feedback is taken and reviewed. Concerns are taken care of, and the plan is revised to the client’s satisfaction. The financial plan is developed by incorporating relevant recommendations and revisions. These planning processes:

⦿ We begin with 1-hour discussion on the Data gathering and Goal Setting step.

⦿ It will take 25-30 hours or more to prepare a ‘Comprehensive Financial Plan’ (60-70 Pages of a written document).

⦿ Plan Presentation Day, It requires a minimum of 2-2.5 hours for discussion about the ‘Comprehensive Financial Plan’ to understand and implementation process.

We hold regularly scheduled meetings to create a logical structure for your financial goal-tracking and decision-making. The sessions build logically and incrementally on each other to provide a comprehensive view of your financial health and deliver insights that allow for timely adjustments and course corrections when necessary.

Step Three

Implement & Review

Financial planning is an ongoing process. Yes, it ensures your financial plan meets your needs. Your financial advisor will conduct periodic reviews, look at your current financial progress and recommend any necessary adjustments.

It’s called “Financial Planning” because plans evolve and change like life. Once the financial plan is created, it’s a piece of history. The financial plan needs to be monitored and tweaked from time to time. Think of what can change in your life, such as marriage, the birth of children, career changes, and more. These events all require new perspectives on life and finance. Consider economic changes beyond your control, such as tax law changes, interest rates, inflation rates, stock market fluctuations, and economic recessions. Nothing remains constant except change! Life changes, law changes, and so your plan will also change. But, once again, this is why it’s not called the financial plan; it’s financial planning!

We begin each year by reviewing your financial goals to assess progress on net worth, investments, cash flow, spending, and debt. Yes, If any changes have occurred that could impact your financial picture.

We meet to discuss your assets’ allocation and make any adjustments needed to rebalance the portfolio in response to risks that may have emerged.

We review your cash flow, legacy planning, and insurance coverage, addressing any gaps in life, disability, and personal property.

We’ll go over your financial information related to taxes and discuss specific actions to take to reduce or eliminate your tax exposure.

For more information about our comprehensive financial planning services, please get in touch with us.